After practicing a multitude of artistic
mediums ranging from photography
to sculpting, Wang would stumble
upon the infinite digital space an affection that he carried over into his
intensive two-year course offered by London's Royal College of Art.

Born within the realm of pixels and
code, Wang's creations blur the line
of reality and virtuality.
He skilfully controls text to 3D and Al
generated imaging inside his
enigmatic world that is exhibited here
today, "Error Paradise"

With an aesthetic that seamlessly integrates futuristic elements with timeless motifs, Wang's work invites viewers into a mesmerising world of imagination and innovation. Through a synthesis of cutting-edge technology and artistic vision, Wang challenges traditional notions of artistry and conveys a present-day microcosm of our future reality.

Qiangyu Wang, Error Paradise, 2024, Digital Art, Video