Tedum par


The Joy of Monotony


From 22nd of July 10am-5pm.

Five Days ONLY

DON'T MISS the Grand Finale

on the 26th 4pm

The Isl↑ngton Twins have been fashion icons since the 80's and have been the local Celebrities around the Holborn area, little does the average person going by them know how established they are. From the 22nd, we at Elitha's Gallery are lucky enough to experience the twins doing what they do the best.

Tedium par Excellence is teaches you the Joy of boredom and Monotony. With many distractions in everyday life, and screens everywhere demanding attention, Training yourself to partake in tedious tasks helps your mind focus on what is important in life.

Come by and meet the Twins Chuka & Dubem Okonkwo, as they go through several activities with you from their 'EnvronMENTAL Training course and experience an alternative perspective of your world.

Schedule 10am-5pm 22nd - 26th July

10am meet the Twins

12pm EnvronMENTAL™ task 1

1pm Break

2pm EnvronMENTAL™ task 2

3pm Break

4pm EnvronMENTAL™ task 3

5pm Finish

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