Jackson Shuri's impetus for artistic
excellence came from her childhood
where she would continually boast an
expressive personality. Her academic
mentors pushed her towards
participating in mixed media art
courses at the Long Island University.
Her unique style comes from her
desire to invigorate the African

Originally hailing from Brooklyn, New
York, Shuri has spent her life coming
to terms with her enriching cultural
background of Senegal within West



Shuri's artwork is the spanner which bridges the gap of understanding between the motherland and the occidental.  Shuri's pieces are a fusion of vibrant colours and intricate patterns and her art reflects a deep
exploration of identity, memory, and the human experience, inviting viewers to contemplate the
complexities of modern Iife through a lens of creativity and imagination.

Shuri's implementation of vibrant colouring and erratic patterns pay homage to both the expressive 'homeland' Senegal as well as Jamaica where their avant-garde clothing and propensity for exotic dance and song are an integral facet behind their identity.

Jackson Shuri
Speaking about her artist meet-up at
the Trelawney Place Gallery, 2016.